Take Me With You When You Go Too Far

I hear you pacing upstairs
Every night until dawn
Dragging your baggage around
Making your plans to move on

I’ve seen you try it before
But it’s yet to work out
Every road leads somewhere
You haven't found the right route

I watched you soar too high
I saw you plunge too deep
I saw you burn too hot,
shine too bright -and sell too cheap

I don't care where you're bound
I need to cover some ground
My bag is packed in your car
Take me with you when you go too far
Take me with you when you go too far

Love is risking it all
Skating out to the edge
I just bleed on the keys
While you stand on the ledge

I want to take that chance
Of going over the falls
This town just blackens the page
While the white water calls