New Car Smell

People spend a lot of money on things that smell nice
Usually tiny little bottles at a great big price
But nothing’s as effective, as far as I can tell
As the scent of a woman with that new car smell

Mama had her methods She had lots of little clues
She said, “You can tell a lot about a man by lookin’ at his shoes”
Her methods got her Daddy, so I guess they did her well
I got my nose in the air for that new car smell

Nashes to ashes, Rust to dust
You can say what you will; There ain’t much to discuss
It don’t take much; I ain’t no hard sell
Just a little whiff of that new car smell

I knew that she was special the first time that we met
She had that certain something that you never forget
Yet it took a little while till it rang a bell
And I recognized the scent of that new car smell

I’ve had it the men that have it for me
I’ve had it with the smell of gas and WD
I’m looking for a man who knows how to live well
A guy just drenched with that new car smell


Time sure flies when you’re havin’ fun
I’m just getting’ home around a quarter to one
They say a satisfied woman is easy to tell
I better wash off the scent of that new car smell

She just breezed in from being out all night
Yeah I should be mad but she smells so right
When she left the house today I know damn well
She didn’t have a trace of that new car smell