High on Life - Short on Cash

I got pulled over a little while back
Somethin' about goin' a little too fast
With a tail light out
And an open bottle of stout
I hadn't even drunk more than a couple of sips
But I had a hand rolled smoke hangin' from my lips
It's a common mistake
One many officers make
Most of the charges were dropped and I didn't get time
Just the legal costs and a number of fines
Now I could use a little loan, if I could be so brash
I'm high on life - just short on cash

I just gave you a loan a little while back
Somethin' 'bout the rent on your Gramma's shack
Some catastrophe
With some nasty fee
You were cryin' 'bout a flood and some rare disease
A fire and a famine and the Red Chinese
It was a tale of woe
You told it like a pro
You gave me your word you'd pay it right back
Then took my check and blew it at the track
Now you want more money – Yeah, I'd call that brash
I'm high on life –You're short on cash

Well we ain't got much, and least of all money
And I ain't that sure about you honey
But I got a good feelin' about these scratchers!

Give me one more shot. I'll make it all good
I'm just complicated - Misunderstood
Why can't people see
I just gotta be me
I gave you more shots than a goddam nurse
I got an IV drip hangin' from my purse
Right down the drain
No pain no gain
Honey, I swear I'll get you every last dime
That's the same thing you said ev'ry last time
Come on sugar. It ain't like that
You're high on life - I'm short on cash