You were my yellow dream,
wearing that golden, yellow smile
I was nervous as a cat
and you were laughing all the while
Angelina, I heard your name spoken through the door
Angelina, why do you always run away?

I have grown tired of
pretending to be indifferent to you
I've played and lost this game before
and I don't want to play this game anymore
Angelina, there with the ocean dancing in your eyes
Angelina, where is a place for me to land?

Am I just one of those
you stumble over as you're trying to walk
How do you see your way
clear when there is so much talk
Angelina, I heard your name whispered on the wind
Angelina, why does the wind touch me more than you?

And still the light,
shines in every thing you say and do and I'm
colder without you

You were the bluest sky
I'd ever seen, clearer than my dreams
When you're traveling from cloud to cloud
will you look down and see me
Angelina, guess I tried too hard to hold you in my arms
Angelina, why should I be surprised you left?

And still the sun, the sun
it shines in everything I see and do and I'm
left wondering why I
don't feel the warmth coming from you

You were a golden ball
of fire shooting across the midnight sky
Wonder what you were before
and what you'll be when you arrive