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Calamity & Main: Honky Tonk Heaven

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  w e TRACK LIST    
1. Calamity & Main    
2. Daddy Drank his Vodka    
3. w e Doin' My Part    
4.   Empty Whiskey Bottles    
5. w e Evidently    
6. w   Fallin'    
7. w e Flat Black    
8.   Honky Tonk Heaven    
9.   Judge & Jury    
10. e She Don't Care    
11. w e Silver    
12.     There Stands the Glass    
13.     Twisted    
14.   What Am I Doin' Hangin' Round?    

Maurice Tani: guitar and vocals
Misisipi Mike Wolf: guitar & vocals
Wil Hendricks: bass & vocals
Christopher Fisher: drums
Scott Young: fiddle
David Phillips: pedal steel guitar
Scott Hay: pedal steel guitar
Jim Pugh: piano and organ


Calamity & Main: Honky Tonk Heaven

Calamity & Main was the precursor to 77 El Deora, and was based around the songs of Maurice Tani and "Misisipi" Mike Wolf with "Goat Piss Willie" Hendricks on bass and vocals and Christopher Fisher on drums. The 4 piece band featured bright 3 part harmony and a bashy, guitar-driven, testosterone fueled, Bakersfield style. These are the roots of 77 El Deora and if you have seen the band live you will recognize some of these songs still living in the repertoire




Hillbilly Noir. Bashy. Original. Intelligent. California Country. Electric. Honky Tonk. Twangy. Oblique Americana.